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Can't play House DVD in computer

Xerol Oplan

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I've been getting the House DVDs from netflix, but my DVD player went up so I'm trying to play them in my computer, but when I put the disc in, windows acts like there's no disc in the drive at all. I can play other DVDs just fine, as well as read data CDs and DVDs, but the House DVDs won't even show up as being IN there at all. Any idea on where to even begin looking for a solution to this?

EDIT: This seems to be a problem with The West Wing DVDs as well. Also, the drive is accessing, so I know at least the hardware is trying to do something.

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I suspect that there is some form of copy-protection or DMR blocking it.


Could be something that's read via Autorun when you insert the disk. It's worth a try to just hold shift for a few seconds after putting the disk in, since this bypasses Autorun completely.

Also, does the disk spin up audibly?

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