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WIP: Sonic Adventure - "Ocean's Turntables"

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For the most part, I really liked it, but a few things I think could be better are:

1) The strings at around 0:30 - I think arrangement wise strings are a good idea, but your sample is pretty weak - you need a stronger, more realistic-sounding sample.

2) The ending. The piano really doesn't fit. Maybe a short Coda would be more suitable, still using your more electronic, trance-y samples, followed by a perfect cadence.

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Ok, a few suggestions:

-At the beginning with the ocean wave sound, I'd say put it more in the background by lowering the volume. Also, give it some reverb or something, because currently it cuts out between each wave sound, so it sounds fake

-The breathy flute at the beginning jumps around on notes and sounds too rigid. I'd try adjusting the velocities and not jump to higher notes suddenly, try to "humanize" it a bit

The rest of the song isn't really my type of genre, so I can't comment on it.

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for some reason the song stopped downloading about three-fourths into the song. from what i heard though, here are the problems: -i agree with Nutritious, that wave sounds fake because of how spaced out it is. now i don't mean go wild about it and add waves constantly, then it just sounds bad, you need precise timing. - also, some of the instruments just sounded low quality and fake, im not sure, but you might want to add a little reverb among other things(such as bass, maybe a little treble). other than that great job!:smile:

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Glad to see you're gonna resub this. This is one of my favorite WIPs up here. The mid-range percussion at certain points is a bit overpowering to me, most notably when the snare first comes it. I really enjoy the arrangement though, and I dont find it too repetitive at all. Good luck with this : )

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