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BIG percussion


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Hi, I think this is the right place for this.

I'm looking for some big, big sounding percussion instruments. Timpanis and orchestral cymbals, things like that. Are there any libraries that have things like that in them? (Or could I EQ a drumkit to fake the sound?) I have Battery 3 and it has a Marching Band library but I feel like that's not quite what I want.

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I believe you're looking for StormDrum, though you're also looking at a $265 price tag.

There's a section in it that actually says "Large Percussion". I'm using the taiko's a lot in an orchestral piece I'm working on and they sound great. Most instruments have been sampled at several (10 or so) different velocity levels.

Edit: There's also SD2 that just came out, but that's $445.

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