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Antonio Pizza

OCR00692 - *YES* Guardian Legend 'Big and Blue and Round' *RESUB*

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This here folks, is a resubmission munky's "Big Blue & Round" remix from The Guardian Legend. If you don't remember it off hand, it's the one that had all of those Terminator 2 voice samples in it. Well I'm very pleased to announce that he took them out and to the satisfaction of Rob Saunders, he added another 1:20 of music to the song.

1) Length. I think it should/could be longer. Possibly. Or maybe I'm just being greedy because I liked the mix. :)

If you guys still have the original, you can notice the differences start around 1:30. If you don't have it but still want to compare, you can find it on Saunders' Server. Inanycase, this version is much better (not that the first was all THAT bad) and I vote yes.

I hope you guys didn't think that I fell off the face of the planet, but

I've been quite busy the past few months, with finals in college and

starting a job immediately at the beginning of summer break. However, I

have finally managed to update my song. I agreed with almost all of your

suggestions and have changed the song accordingly. The song sounds much

better than it did before, but it's not perfect. As I continue to make more

and more songs I hope to be able to improve my skills enough to create a

songs that sounds more like I want it to. In any case, take a listen and


(The ID3 information is currently not set, but will be updated within 10


PS, I have a mach rider remix in progress, and it's almost done.

See? Our suggestions DO help :!::D8)

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Whaa, this is so much better than the last edit. And so much sub bass! Hahahaha. Sounds a bit like a Prodigy dance tune at times.


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uh, hey guys? could we get some votes on this one?

Not from me as long as I can't download it.


I always back up our most recent stuff here, and I name them based on the topic title.

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