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Can I clean my PS game so my Playstation will read it?

Dinobot 2

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Annoying problem I ran into today. I was just trying to play a game when I noticed my PS2 won't read it. I looked at the bottom of the CD and I see minor scratches. Nothing big. Really pissed off that it seems as if this game is now worthless. Is there anything in the house I can use to clean it or anything else I can do? Thanks.

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over time, the ps2 cd tray (or something inside the drive) can become slightly tilted, and thus the laser is reading from a different angle, and minor scratches become a bigger problem.

its a defect that many ps2s have, but if you dont mind voiding your warrenty, there are tutorials for opening it up and fixing it, and i think they are pretty straightforward and simple.

i for one never had this drive problem, because i broke my ps2 long before the problem could have developed :)

yay for X-acto knives and their apparent attraction to extremely thin ribbon wires that connect the laser to the drive. (i was installing a mod chip and my hand slipped if you must know)

oh well, at least i have the Emotion Engine chip on my wall now :)

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