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FAC - Fan Art Competition 10: Castlevania [RESULTS]

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so whos got ideas i wanna see BLOOD

I don't have a place for blood in the idea I think I'm gonna follow. lol, but I'll do my best!

Though I know you guys aren't exactly taking requests, I'd looooove if someone did something from Portrait of Ruin.

Sooorry, never played that chapter of the series. Someone's bound to make a picture from it though! 8-)

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I really want to enter at least one FAC but at the moment I have a load of work I have to get done. I'll plan an idea out and if I get time I'll try and get started but I can't say I'll enter.

Please do!

I <3 Castlevania and would love to see ANYTHING from it. Draaaaaw...

By the way...


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No problem! Thanks for maintaining this competition! lol
This I must agree with. It's nice that Crabsmasher (is that spelled right?) started the competition. I'm glad that someone else was able, and willing, to carry on the "torch" so to say when he had to step down.

Admittedly, I'm no Castlevania fan, so it's unlikely I'll be very familiar with the entries. Even so, I look forward to the results. Good luck everyone. Mouser X out.

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Crabsmasher started it.

During the Zelda one he went crazy afk and we were kinda confused what to do at that point, so I kinda jumped on.

So yeah I really didn't do anything, I'm sure there were plenty of people that would've jumped on if I didn't.

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so we got one in already!

I hope to see many more.

That's awesome! I was worried about the lack of posts in the thread. :roll:

This'll be my first project ever with the use of Photoshop. (I downloaded the 30 day trial just for this) :-D

Here's hoping it turns out okay.

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maybe I'll throw something together and i will win! :]



I'll try doing something tomorrow and submit it ftlolz no matter if it'S complete or not. I've had so much work from my projects for school that i've been in a zombie state all week long. Yay for crashes after sugar/caffein highs!

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