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OCR00717 - *YES* Axelay 'Kick My Axe' *FT*

Disco Dan

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Oooooooookay, I'm not sure if this got overlooked before or what, but he said he submitted it before... but DAMN. I'm gonna say right now, this has a big fat YES from me. Everything is in place, including live guitar and violins, (you can tell because they're just so slightly out of tune, plus he told me so). It's a solid mix, a creative arrangement and layering job from beginning to end, and all the playing is top-notch. No question in my mind.

The link:

Remix0r: Midee (feat. Prozax)

Original game: Axelay (stage one)

Remix title: Kick my Axe

E-mail: j_zaffary@hotmail.com

Vote. All of you.


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