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OCR FG 4: TMNT Tournament Fighters

Arek the Absolute

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Epic can't read this, but the other reason I want 8-man playoffs: I would have gotten a second chance.

Arek 3-2 kamoh in a VERY VERY tight match that went down to the wire - we even replayed the last round because there was a lag issue when we had 10% health left each.


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Earlier tonight, I spoke with Arek and proposed several format changes for FGT5 and beyond, to help move things along.

Arek was keen on a lot of these, and I think that the timeframes are very acceptable.

The key change is in the Finals: The bracket is replaced with a deadlined round-robin.

This keeps the tournament from stalling, and solves my "2nd place winner" problem.


Single Round-Robin.

Playing time will be 16~17 days.

Registration will end 72 hours before the playing deadline.


From the top of the table, the square root of twice the number of registered players will advance to the Final Round.

3 finalists = 5-6 players

4 finalists = 7-10 players

5 finalists = 11-15 players

6 finalists = 16-21 players

7 finalists = 22-28 players


Single Round-Robin (no longer a bracket).

Playing time will be 7 days.

First tiebreaker is Open Round Ranking.


I am considering several ideas for a points system, as well as implementing drawn matches as a way to shake up the table significantly. I haven't mentioned this to Arek or EasyP yet as I'm still trying to figure out how long it would take to work on certain games, but the impetus for this was when I played Arek - I swear neither of us would have gotten a 2-point lead on the other in the two matches we played, and I would have certainly taken the draws.

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