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Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy - Trailer (Fan Film)


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This maybe old news to some people, but there's a really cool fan film being developed for the Metal Gear Solid series. The project began back in 2004, but is being revived into a live-action film called Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy. The trailer was released about two weeks ago and it looks great (near professional stuff). MGS: Philanthropy has a pretty faithful appearance and it's environments look surprisingly like MGS4.

Anyway, check out the trailer. Considering that an official feature-length film was announced a while ago as well, do you think that this idea works well in execution based on this fan-trailer? Do you like the concept of Snake leading a small unit? What are your thoughts?

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy - Main Site

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy - Media Page

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Philanthropy sounds kinda of like a dumb, weak subtitle to me, but whatever. There's a lot of flaws, and I could nitpick all day, but I'll just say "I hope it actually turns out well". Making a movie based on MGS and standing it up against the series is not something one can do in their sleep.

Well, Kojima probably could, but he's just like that.

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