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  1. Hit Me. He and Yasunori Mitsuda are pretty much responsible for my being here.
  2. It does seem a little odd. maybe with the rise of the 40GB PS3, they feared it'd eat too much HD space. The game is freaking huge. So what'd you think of that last twist at the end?
  3. Just finished it. Spoiler I always prefered Big Boss to Solid Snake. I was psyched to see that he was still alive.
  4. I've had the same main since the original Smash Bros. My Alt changes each generation.
  5. I found it extremely interesting. I reviewed it on my blog. So i'm sure my regular readers will swarm your site. All both of them.
  6. I can't honestly say I'm one of the 200 people, but it's not as bad as Metal Machine Music.
  7. Is that Ron Pearlman playing Gannon? Has he ever earned a role that doesn't start with "Enter malformed freak."?
  8. I understand that there are decent people there. We will give them a chance. D, flee, now. Do not look back, lest ye be turned into a Pillar of Salt. RUN! Or you will most surely perish on Dies Irae!
  9. Well, this means only one thing. We must cleanse the entirety of Canada with thermonuclear hellfire. PURGE THE NORTH!
  10. 2, Solo, how the fuck did you pull that off?
  11. I think it's still too lenient. I demand a tactical nuclear strike to cleanse the stain on our honor with the thermo nuclear hellfire of the harnessed atom.
  12. Our car got vandalized once, the only thing taken was the Catalytic Converter.
  13. Damn straight, here's to growing even more ancient...
  14. As soon as you settle on a name! let me know, you ancient old man.
  15. Snake has the most badass FS. I might have to buy a wii for this game.
  16. Goddamit, I know I'm late on the bandwagon here, but I just got around to listening to the Album. I'm a massive fan of the Chrono series, and in particular its music. I always have high expectations when I download something that's based off of the series. This album took my expectations, and stabbed them in the face. To say I'm impressed would be like saying that Crysis has okay graphics. Best Album thus far, by far.
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