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Mega Man 1 - Dr Wily Stage Remix


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Heh, this sounds like an old-school OCReMix. It's not bad, but not really as sophisticated as the kind of stuff that's getting posted these days.

The arrangement is fairly repetitive and simplistic. Sound quality is also on the muddy, flaccid side. Drum patterns are kinda blah. It's not a bad start, but IMO it needs a lot more energy and variation to take it a step beyond a generic EDM remix.

You should post your WIP before you submit to the site so we can help you refine it before you get into that long judging process. ;)

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I have to agree with Leah, this brings back memories of Ye Olde Days of Orange and Brown...but that's okay by me--it means you're on the right track. :)

The drums sound fine to me, but the lead and backing need some MAJOR kickassifying. The lead's too quiet, and the arrangement is pretty much the same as the source material. I'd encourage you to take the arrangement to new places--throw some new cord progressions in there and play with the melody a bit. See what happens. Be careful with those pitch-bends, though--the ones you have in there kinda threw me off. One thing you don't want your listener to be thinking is "What the--? :neutral:"

Also, yay for MegaMan music!

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