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  1. Hey, thanks for sticking up for me, bro! :razz: Those other poop-face judges can go to prison!

    Seriously, though, I'm glad you guys liked it overall, but I don't know if I'll end up doing a resub, just because it's been so long since I finished it, and I've got a lot on my plate these days--though I'd like to, obviously. We'll see what the future holds...hopefully some spare time that I will have learned how to manage by then.

  2. Care to expound? To me, if a man, clergy or otherwise, keeps a loaded gun in his house, it's because he wants to protect what--or who--he keeps in it.
  3. I should clarify: When I say "Aw, a rental?" I mean, "Aw, you're not going to buy the game I worked on?" I'm not a huge GTA fan, either, but I can say that I certainly had fun during both my play-throughs before we shipped--and that's after all the testing and tweaking and non-recreational game-playing I did everyday. I'm glad you're gonna rent it, though. I'm proud of what we accomplished. Oh, and Triad Onion: I agree with your stance on the absence of neutral karma, but basically the story is, we did some focus testing, and the results we got back said nobody really cared about the middle ground. :\ Weird. Back on topic, though: Yay, Yahtzee liked it! Strange how that feels like a significant accomplishment--that one dude in Australia liked our game.
  4. Woo! He said it was good! We're in the big time, now! Cole does kinda look like a potato, though. I'll admit it.
  5. 1) Yes, absolutely. 2) That's a tough call...the Amazon and Moon themes are really the most memorable, at least for me, anyway, but they seem like they'd be tough to fit in with what you've got going here. You might try playing around with the Transylvania theme...Or, you could go full-medley, in an "around the world in one song" sense... Hope you find something!
  6. Yeah, I guess taken out of context, it does become somewhat ambiguous...
  7. Agreed. And now that things have calmed down at work*, I can actually get back at it. Hooray! *Incidentally, why not purchase a copy of inFAMOUS, come May 26th?
  8. Cool, thanks guys! I'll be submitting really soon, here. Oh, and I should have mentioned that I also added a phaser to the lead, as per TheKrow's crit (must...please...everyone!) Doesn't affect much in the beginning, which is great, but it turns out that it really adds to the underwater vibe at 2:25, especially in headphones. So, thanks, TheKrow!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm making final (hopefully) adjustments tonight with regard to your suggestions, and it's sounding a lot better. I'm using a better ride at 2:25, and that cleans things up considerably. I also tweaked a few fills here and there to better play with the bassline. It's really shaping up! Thanks! New version! Edit: Sorry, glasfen, I missed your question. The source at 2:25 is the under-water music from Mario 3.
  10. I like the direction you're taking with this. You should play around with the melody a lot more--I like what you've done so far. There's a lot more of the Zelda theme you haven't included, and I want to hear what you can do with it. I didn't like that everything is panned dead center. Once you spread the instruments out, that'll make it that much more interesting. Do you have a way to record your guitar? If you wrote some simple stuff to play at the ends of phrases, that would add a lot of character. Also, expand your drum kit. I like your sequencing, but it's still the same four samples I've been hearing the whole song. Also, you might consider an alternative to the orchestra hit, especially at the end. I don't think that's working at all.
  11. Hylian Lemon: Thanks! Noted! Perhaps it would help if the intro was more dynamic...since it's kind of not at this point. I just noticed all the strings' notes are the same velocity. TheKrow: And thank you, sir. Sorry you don't like the lead--I think it adds a much-needed crispy-crunchiness. To each his own. Out of curiosity, what might make it more palatable? Anyone else? Is no news good news?
  12. Howdy folks! I started this at the end of last year (after being introduced to the music of The Bad Plus). I've only finally gotten around to putting the finishing touches on it, but I want some fresh ears before I submit it. So, what thinkest thou, O masses of fresh ears? http://www.myspace.com/mistermarcellis
  13. Actually, I think using a more computer-friendly convention might be better in this case. It might look weird to see "FF01" but at least it'll sort properly, i.e.10 coming after 9, instead of before 1. (Or alternately, IX coming after V, VI, etc., instead of before.)
  14. Jillian Aversa...? There goes your brand identity. Congrats, you two!
  15. Way to go, Rozovian! I love Red Canyon, and I love your ReMix of Red Canyon. Makes me want to play GX again. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to VG arrangements, so my only reccommendation after 1.5 listens would be to start out closer to the source and then deviate/expand later on like you did anyway, but other than that, this is awesome. Your debut ReMix is better than mine. ...Is that a Cheetah Men quote in there at 3:02? Awesome.
  16. Made it all the way to the allegedly dreaded 2.5 before I discovered I could expand the circle things. How can I use this strange new power for the greater good?! Anyway, cool game, thanks for posting!
  17. Relient K updated their previous Christmas album (Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand) and called it "Let it Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer." If you're into incredibly arranged pop-punk versions of classic Christmas songs, this is for you. Also, their cover of the Beach Boys' version of Auld Lang Syne is pure ear candy. Rocking out to Handel's Messiah is fun, too.
  18. Hey, sweet! This rocks pretty hard! My ears are itching to hear the drums kick it up a notch at some point with snare beats on 2 and 4. Maybe you had that in mind already. Anyway, I'm liking where this is going. Keep it up, Neko!
  19. a-supreeeeeeeme~ my day just got better. thank you.
  20. Haha, I was just thinking what a Turd Surfers shirt might have on it. If I wasn't super busy...
  21. (EdgeCrusher) It's true, I've only played most of RE4, but those cutscenes aren't pre-rendered. I just figure that since there is no gameplay to worry about in a movie, they'd have more bandwidth to focus on writing and rendering. (Meeting-Gman) As for the graphics not being a strong point in the series, maybe it's a matter of taste, but I think Capcom's humans are some of the best looking humans in games today. Maybe I'm more forgiving of real time graphics. Or, maybe the team that worked on the movie just isn't as talented/skilled as the RE4 character team. In any case, I just think the movie could look and sound a lot better. Well, look, anyway. You make a convincing argument, Sinewav...
  22. Wow, nobody hates it? (hidden text may ruin it for you, beware): The waggly mocap and dead eyes? The awkward dialog? The stale, plasticky rendering? I just can't get past this stuff to pay attention to the story. This kind of stuff is fine for cut-scenes, but I've come to demand a little more from 3D CG movies...
  23. WALKING IN THE AIR!! I heard an instrumental version of this song in the elevator at work a long time ago and instantly loved the melody, but I never figured out what song it was. And now I know. In thanks, I'll be pre-ordering your cd. I was thinking about it anyway, because Greensleeves is awesome, and your version sounds awesome, but this just sealed the deal.
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