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  1. Thank you! And to think they rejected it on this site. I have more gaming stuff on the way. Feel free to follow me on social media.
  2. I always loved this catchy tune from this classic game. So here is my remix of the Battle music from Chrono Trigger done in a electro house/blog house style. Download and Stream links here: http://mercuriusfm.com
  3. Well, my first games when i was 5 were Doom, Mortal Kombat, and Sonic Spinball... hope that helps.
  4. Check out my remix of Rip & Tear from DOOM (2016). If Doom Slayer was killing demons in a rave, this is the music that would play. 160 BPM club mix which blends thrash metal into a high octane club remix. Support from the original composer Mick Gordon "Mad remix" and ETC!ETC! (Mad Decent, Dim Mak). (not submitting this, just sharing it with the community) Download: https://mercuriusfm.bandcamp.com/track/rip-tear-doom-mercurius-fm-remix Stream and VHS music video:
  5. B3AT PARADIS3 A special event of underground club music and video game remixes. Free snacks. 21+ Free Entry Music: J3rs3y Club!!! Philly Club Bmore Trap House Video Game Remixes DJS: S3CR3T H3ADLIN3R! (from the 3ast coast!) MERCURIUS FM (Brooklyn Fire Records, BROKEN SYNTH) Fact135 (MOM) Gnarly Brown + Gamer's Paradise Party Remixes Level 1 Album Release Party (Free copy for everyone!) Preview the album here WHEN: Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 9PM Where: Rips Bar 3045 N 16th St Phoenix, Arizona 85016 RSVP HERE
  6. A little mix I made to promote my event series, Gamer's Paradise Party. It mixes indie EDM with video game remixes. Hope you like it! Also on Mixcloud if you prefer.
  7. This Tuesday, my monthly gamer party, Gamer's Paradise Party, returns to Cobra Arcade Bar in Downtown Phoenix. As per usual, it is free and will feature indie dance music along with video game remixes all night. More details here!
  8. Broken Synth Presents… [ GAMER’S PARADISE ] ゲーマー パラダイス Gamer’s Paradise Party is a party for gamers by gamers at the best arcade in Phoenix: Cobra Arcade Bar. Enjoy DJ selections curated for gamers by electronic music artist and chiptune junkie, MERCURIUS FM (me). Play video games for free while you select drinks from a fully stocked bar. Grab free swag and music while you enjoy the vibes. Oh yeah, and there’s NO COVER! Share this event for a special sticker at the event! RSVP to Upcoming Events: https://www.facebook.com/gamersparadiseparty/events Features: TOKEN TUESDAY: FREE TOKENS W/ DRINKS NO COVER! FULL BAR & COLD DRINKS 40+ RESTORED ARCADE MACHINES FREE MUSIC AND STICKERS 21+ HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!!! The first person to beat the DJ in a fight of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike gets a drink on the DJ! DJ: MERCURIUS FM Music: VGM REMIXES TRAP FUTURE FUNK JERSEY CLUB PHILLY CLUB BMORE FRENCH HOUSE & MORE When: EVERY TUESDAY @ 9PM Where: Cobra Arcade Bar 801 N 2nd St #100 Phoenix, AZ 85004 Partners: Cosplay & Fan Gear Mercurius Creative, LLC BROKEN SYNTH
  9. Hi All, I'm a music artist and DJ based in Phoenix, Az. I run a weekly nightlife event there called "Gamer's Paradise Party" at the cities most popular barcade, Cobra Arcade Bar. So far, It's been going really well. I play a slew of video game EDM remixes mixed with underground EDM tracks. The vibes are great. I'm pretty sure it's one of the very few parties like this that exist in the world. The owner is really passionate about video games, and maintains 40 machines in the arcade at any given time, which he rotates from his collection of hundreds. We are looking to release a free compilation that celebrates video game music and EDM. We are looking for remixers like you! So far, we have a few remixes collected from friends and myself. But we need more. This is what we have: Metal Gear Solid - main theme (techno) Space Harrier - main theme (bmore) Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone (disco synth) There are a few more pending, but unfinished. What games? We're shooting for retro games, so anything before PS2 would be great. Preferred genres? Trap, House, Electro House, Electro, Jersey Club, Juke We will handle mastering, so you don't have to worry about that. Release? For free via Bandcamp and Youtube. Compensation? Nothing monetary, but a ton of social media and online marketing. Give aways at the club, etc. People can leave a tip via bandcamp, but that will go towards covering my advertising expenses. Time frame? Release in Late August/Early September Let me know if you're interested by sending a PM. Thanks!
  10. One of the greatest record producers and song writers of all time, Brian Eno, suffered from creative block. He invented a way to overcome it with the help of a psychologist. The result is Oblique Strategies. About it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblique_Strategies Free online version: http://www.oblicard.com/ There are many apps for it, books, and free resources online. Simply read a card, and try to apply it to what you're doing. I'm happy to say it works, but you have to dig deep sometimes. You have to want it.
  11. Here is a synthwave track I released on my label, Broken Synth. It's called Arkanoid (only inspired by the game, not a cover) Check it out here:
  12. Thanx guys. I guess we'll see what the judges say.
  13. So I submitted this remix already. But I thought I'd get some opinions on it. Mega Man 1 - Dr Wily Stage Remix (Mercurius FM Activator RMX)
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