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Reckless Gint's masterbeat/piece


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I wasn't really sure whether to put this in OCRemixes or Remixes other cause.. well.. I don't know that I'll ever submit it as an OCRemix (or if it's even good enough for OCR's standards), but it does feature a well-known video game tune at the end. I'm not gonna tell you what though; The effect is best when it's a surprise.

Anyway, this song is one of many many collaborations between me and my friend Niles. We go by the band name 'Reckless Gint.'

This track has no real name.. we couldn't decide on a proper name cause everything we thought of didn't really seem to do it justice. It's a batshit insane track where most of it is whacky/trippy intro and then gets incredibly epic at the end.. It could use some expansion on the drum parts for the first half of the track, but other than that, it's complete.

Comments and criticism welcome. Behold and be helpess against... it.

The Track With No Name <-- this is a link

P.S. If you don't mind, listen to it LOUD. It'll be worth it once it gets near the end.

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ok, I'll give this a listen.


alright, the first 40 seconds were actually pretty cool. It sounded quite avant-garde. After that though, it goes down hill pretty quickly. At first I wasn't quite sure if you were doing some weird glitchy stuff, but as it progressed it became apparent that you were trying to do something a bit more.

You totally abused the panning feature. Now coming from me that might sound a little hypocritical, but you don't need to pan the master channel ALL the time. Once in a while, with different synths is fine, but this is just rape =(

Also pretty much all the synths/drums in this are really weak/lo-fi/preset/thin. The mastering it self is also poorly done.

I would assume you're new to the whole music world, so I will give you a thumbs up on at least using the program and getting to know it a little bit. However, this song really is just...how darkmelee described it.

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Nah, actually not new to the music world at all. This is more or less why I didn't intent to submit it as an OC Remix. Reckless Gint is about saying "Why not?" And I say, why not pan the master channel in this particular track.

Check out "Warning: Drugs [may be habit forming" on our myspace. Probably closer to mainstream for your tastes, production-wise. http://www.myspace.com/recklessgint

P.S. I'm the same Mikuuu that -was- known as Miku (forgot the password), and before then Leggiero.. or Kimchi, or something.

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