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Mega Man 3 - Magnet Man

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This is by no means a "ReMix" in the traditional sense. What it is, however, is a re-orchestration of Magnet Man from the game Mega Man 3. Basically, I was listening for various textures and sounds that I would want to consider in a full-scale ReMix of the track. However, I really liked the way the end result sounded, so I decided I'd post it. Like I said before, not a ReMix, just a re-orchestration.


I would welcome any comments and suggestions.

(Oh, and yes... I know the bass drum's loud at the beginning...)

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You have a very good understanding of harmonies, overall this has a light orchestral feel to it. I will say theres not really any dynamic variation here, so it has more of a feel of "background" music than a standalone orchestral piece. In fact, the section at the end of the two loops felt like a good place to put more "oomph". The piece overall is very pleasant to listen to though : )

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Doesn't work too well. To successfully turn this into an orchestrated piece you'll have to rewrite it so it has more than 3 layers.

It's still very clearly a rock song, which now sounds funny because it's being played by a virtual orchestra.

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