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Toejam & Earl by the Talles Band on Earth


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At first when listenning to the song you dont know what to expect considerring the vocals in the background,but then you start to slowly get into the mix when the music actually starts.It's wrather settel though but it's pretty neet.I would have better liked an instrumental intro, suchas a sax intro, in pref. to the vocals.

If it does get rejected by the judges I would suggest getting a stronger lead instrument suchas the sax player to sound more-so into the foreground because almost all the instruments sound pushed into the background.A dominate lead instrument could better encourage listenning and bringout the depth of the song.As it stands it's more casuall and a listenners attention sort of nods in and out.However all in all, good job guys.You should do an album of sega remixes, or something, utilising your instrumentall skills.

You could turn into the next oneup studios

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