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how does remixing work?


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yes, I'm some new guy come from nowhere. I've been here before, but not at the forums. So, how does it all work?

It's not as simple as "how does it work." It's not like pushing a button or something...

First, the remixer must envision his or her remix, what style it's going to be, whether it retains the original key signature, what instruments and synths to use, and plan the remix.

Next, the remixer must get what he or she needs. For instance, a synthesizer.

If you're asking how a synthesizer works, well, you need a MIDI to USB adapter that will communicate data between your computer and your keyboard, and then you use MIDI notation software to write a song using your keyboard's synths, and play it back on the keyboard. When you're done, you can record the sound that comes from the keyboard using your computer's Mic jack or with more advanced recording hardware. That's if you just have a basic keyboard, though. If you want some really advanced things like multiple synths and mixing boards and stuff, I can't help you that much. I'm still a newbie myself... Which reminds me, I have to work on my song. It's been a while...

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