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OCR00583 - *YES* Rush'n Attack 'HardCore'

Should DJP post this mix?  

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  1. 1. Should DJP post this mix?

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I got this in the auto-forwarding submissions e-mail. I'm not sure if he is saying that this is a MIDI he found or his interpretation of it. I am betting on the latter. Overall not too shabby. My vote is for "Yes", but I cannot vote on my own polls.


Game: Green Beret (C64)

ReMixer: WhoAmI

"I have made a remix of a song in the game "Green Beret".

I've never actually played the game, but when I looked through som old cd-roms I found this midi-song.

I liked it very much so I checked the info and it said : www.c64.com <http://www.c64.com> in one of the tracks so I figured it had to be a song from the old commodore 64. Anyway here is my remix. If you think it goes to fast or anything else PLEASE mail me and I can change it."

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The sample that starts off is nice.

Oooh, high pingy notes. I like those.

Ew, I don't like that kick drum or whatever.

Hmm, sounds better with the other drum elements.

Ah nice, it's gone. Oh, it's back. And it brought a friend.

The part at 1:57 is much nicer, I like that string (?) sample in the background.

It's still got that icky drum though.

So far the second half of this mix is better than the first half.

But I must say I greatly enjoy any part of this mix that doesn't have that strange kick drum.

Hmm, overall I didn't like it.

I don't think that after downloading this song, I would listen to it again, so I'm gonna have to choose No on this one.

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Sorry, but there is almost nothing of interest going on here. Drums get annoying fast. Melody is too repetitive, and without any harmony to back it up, the mix sounds extremely flat. The part around 2:00 actually works a little. not enough to save the mix, but a little. If the entire mix was more along those lines, I would say yes, but for now yer getting a 'No' from me.

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Those "annoying" drums are sort of supposed to be there. This is hardcore. And not the rock type either. I forget what those drums are called but there's a name for them. And usually they ARE used in really fast techno songs. The problem in MY mind is that the melody seems to try and support the whole thing and there's not enough support for whatever key the given section is in. I mean, the melody is arpeggiated so that kind of helps but it still sounds kind of empty... which brings me to a new point.

A lot of these mixes are sounding kind of... iffy, but I've seen worse on the site before, so I'm wondering if we're not giving people a chance that DJP would have given them, or if we're just confirming his already predisposed desire to not post them. This is going on the premise that what we get here is what he's not certain of, as he is still posting things that don't come through here. So as I'm seeing 3 different mixes look like they're all getting no's, it makes me wonder if we're doing our job right.

Anyway, i'll go ahead and give this song a yes if something is added to the melody. For god's sake. A bassline?

But in lieu of the other mixes we've been looking at, at least THIS one has an ending.


No vote yet.

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I accedentally voted yes before even listenign to the song because i though i had clicked on another remix.. heh.

So I'll listen to the remix now and give a quick write up.

Right off the bat this is reminding me of Dune rave music, which I like,

so that's a good thing. I wish there was a little bit more going on,

maybe some goofy voice samples talking about why house music

is good for your soul or something. But over all, I'm liking this

tastey little rave track. Looks like I'd probably have clicked yes anyway.

Granted there is still another 1:30 for something bad to happen, but

I'm enjoying the energy, so short of the ending just being crap, I

can't see anything wrong with this remix.

The ultra cliche 2 measure long snare rolls are right on cue for the

energy of a rave hardcore house dance track. The light melody is

nice and simple, but I do wish there was an arp line somewhere in the

background to fill out the midrange. then again we all know i like a wall

of sound.

This gets the monkey machine's thumbs up, but with a post it note for

future endevors..

now, give me more fun videogame rave music.

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