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Hello everyone.

I was so excited to unwrap FL Studio 7 FruityLoops Edition on my birthday this year. I figured out within a week how to equalize and change velocities, but I was wondering what the best way is to fade in and out over all the tracks at the beginning and end of compositions.

Also, how would I equalize a a drum track gradually (like when you hear the beat getting higher and then moving down or vice versa) like at the beginning of Beatdrop's Catapult, munky's Mach Schnell or different parts of Star Salzman's Fei Longer?

Thank you ever so much, whoever knows the answer.

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best way to fade would be to automate the level on the master fader, up or down depending on which fade it is. (right click on the fader>edit events)

as far as the drum sound you're talking about...i do believe it would be modulating (automating) the cutoff frequency on a filter so that it goes up.

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By Jove, thank you both!


I wasn't totally sure what you were talking about at first but I went in an was able to figure everything out with your help. ^^


Very good to know about the High Pass. This encourages me greatly for experimenting.

Thanks again!!

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