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  1. Yes, the splines are in FL8. What Nutritous had was a pattern clip containing automation infomation - FL now displays the automation infomation in addition to the notes. Which makes pattern clips very pretty. =3
  2. Due to the way the VSTi, DX and MIDI standards are made, you can't send any per note infomation except for velocity, pitch and whatnot. That means that no, you can't use per note control, except for velocity and so forth. However, if the plugin supports the Fruity plugin standard, then fruity can use per-note infomation. Hence "note modulation x" and "note modulation y". If the plugin isn't using the fruity standard, then it tells you by changin these to "unsupported parameter 1", as you see. Possible solutions: 1) Use a fruity plugin instead. 2) If your plugin supports it, rewire velocity (or pitch, or panning) modulation to whatever it is you want to modulate. 3) Learn to use continuous controllers (CC's) like the rest of us. =P
  3. This is neat. Rather close to the original, though, if my memory of the soundtrack serves me right. Still, good luck with it - Deus Ex needs more mixing.
  4. Okay! one big problem, and thats the piano sound. Fix that, and then lets see what happens!
  5. Holy fucking shit. This is totally fucking bitching. Okay, so yeah, occasionally the bass is a bit fakish, and there is a bit of hiss at the end, but I don't care do to the extreme amounts of awesome you have double-dipped this track in.
  6. I really like this arrangement, but you really do need a better piano sample. Also, you might want to put the piano more towards the center, not way out to the right like it currently is. ^^
  7. Its not that the samples are bad, its just that they aren't used right. Remember to use samples that fit together! Everything needs to sound nice not only individually, but together. Firstly, your arrangement is pretty good. The other theme you are mixing is called "prophecy" if I recall. Secondly, pan everything more. Almost everything is dead center. Pan stuff around! Thirdly, Reason's orchestral samples aren't really meant to stand right up the front like this - the strings, for example, are generally meant to be massed, not soloed, and put in the background somewhere. They can stand up the front, but please get rid of that delay on them. Gives them this bad pulsating thing. The horn samples... ugh. I'm no orchestral buff, but horns aren't meant to sound like that. Not sure if thats just reason, or something with the processing. Fouthly, oh god the drums. If you use that kick-snare pattern (I'm talking 1:25 to 1:45) without any other elaberation ever again, the gods of percussion will smite you for sure. =( Vary it up! Drop in some extra kicks and snares randomly, keep it alive! Fifthly, whats with the massive break at 4:11? Everything stops! =( Thats all I got for now.
  8. <3 Though if I wanted to be all pedantic, it could do with some more percussion. And be longer. And stuff. <3
  9. Well, if you have a microphone... =P Anyways, I figuring you mean that kinda fake TV-off sound, right? The one which is kinda high pitched and then goes low pitched really fast? I'd emulate it with a synth - simply screw with the pitch envelope... errrr, you do have a synth with a pitch envelope, right? If you don't, I suppose you could do some crazy pitch bending, or maybe a huge but really fast slide if your sequencer does that.
  10. If you have a microphone, you could just start hitting things with other things and see if it ever makes the sound you want, and then go about recording it. If you don't have a microphone though.... hmmmm. Beyond Tensei-san's recomendations, I can't really think of anything, but consider getting a clock tick near what you are looking for (after all there are lots and lots of different clock ticks) and then just EQing out the bits you don't want. I admit, when you say of a clock themed track I'm kinda thinking of this sorta track, and the opening samples of it.
  11. Hoboka: I have no idea what is going on. I would try re-installing Sytrus (backup any presets you have made!) or perhaps all of FL studio. Xelebes: I <3 Sytrus's interface. Its got just the right amount of info on each panel, and the tabs are a good way of accessing the rest of the infomation. At least, thats how it seems to me. May I ask just what you don't like about it?
  12. Okay, so first up, the composition is somewhat meandering. Thats cool, in my opinion, because you always brought us back to the main theme, but others would probably enjoy a tighter song that is more to the point. Secondly, some of those samples are weak, particullarly the organ and string samples. You have used them well (well, okay, the strings were rather obvisously played in by a keyboard in some parts) but in a piece like this where there aren't any other instruments to hide behind, the weakness of samples really stands out. Not sure if you can fix that in finale, though. This shows a lot of promise. Get some good samples, then we can start talking about the rest of production.
  13. And another convert is made to the school of soft mastering. =P Though I though Reason got a mad multiband compressor in 3.0? Or was it just a better compressor? I don't really know, as my Reason experience ended with 2.5. Though I gotta say, I'm impressed how well you are dealing with live samples in Reason! Also, how the blazes are you loading a soundfont in Reason? I mean, errr... keep up the good work!
  14. Holy crap, this is awesome. I'm only 2:15 in, and I love it so much. Very, very nice use of samples - every blends together very well indeed. ... Okay, nearing the end now, and I don't have a shred of advice, as this is smoking hot. Nice work!
  15. Wrong place to be asking, instead try the remixing forums. However, take it from me, overdriven guitar samples suck (at least in the vast majority of cases). Get clean guitar samples and distort them, instead.
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