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  1. By Jove, thank you both! @Hemo: I wasn't totally sure what you were talking about at first but I went in an was able to figure everything out with your help. ^^ @Splunkle: Very good to know about the High Pass. This encourages me greatly for experimenting. Thanks again!!
  2. Hello everyone. I was so excited to unwrap FL Studio 7 FruityLoops Edition on my birthday this year. I figured out within a week how to equalize and change velocities, but I was wondering what the best way is to fade in and out over all the tracks at the beginning and end of compositions. Also, how would I equalize a a drum track gradually (like when you hear the beat getting higher and then moving down or vice versa) like at the beginning of Beatdrop's Catapult, munky's Mach Schnell or different parts of Star Salzman's Fei Longer? Thank you ever so much, whoever knows the answer.
  3. Poo is played by Steve "D-Lux" King, who I believe hosts the radio show Very Good Music (and I'm really guessing the show he hosts off the top of my head, if I'm wrong, please please please correct me). If you've heard the show before, you know the voice. I know I'm gonna have to listen to that, but that's not where I've heard it before. He must just sound alot like someone I've heard before - possibly on a Wyclef Jean CD.
  4. This song is so beautiful, in that, it's bridging the gap between rap-fans and anti-rap-fanboys. Poo's part is my absolute favorite. His voice I'm sure I've heard somewhere else. Very pleasing to the ear; regardless of any bad words. And then it ends on a rather hopeless or lost facade.
  5. Oh I love the demasiado drama in this song. It would be right-perfect for a Tetris movie. Hahaha, i can just see one of the actors playing Tetris skillfully with all kinds of kickbacks and drops against the villian to save his girl. *ahem* At first when it's just the balalaika, the way it goes looping back to a whole chord and then a broken one gives me the impression of the Czech word "robot" or "to drudge". Quite and interesting mix when the guitar, bass and drums kick in. Aside from those, can anyone tell me what kind of synth that is in the background? It reminds me of the Yuu Yuu Hakus
  6. Hehehe... I was watching Judge Mathis this morning and the credits theme has the exact same style of guitar and whistle...does McVaffe watch Judge Mathis?
  7. The hardest boss I've ever fought was Wily from Megaman 7. I can only beat him with 5 E-tanks(One of them is naturally an S tank) and a heckuvalot of luck and perseverence.
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