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*NO* Chrono Trigger 'Relaxing'

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Well, this remix brings up one of my biggest pet peeves: reixes that are structured like OST songs. They may not be exactly like the OST version, but they loop twice then fade out just like they were on the OST. Granted, this has a real ending, but the loop still really bugs me. Add some variation, people!

But that brought up the question: how different is this from the OST? The answer is: it's exactly the same, only better samples and some drums. It enhances the song, yes, but does something like that really belong on the site?

I'm tempted to say no, but I want to think about it some and see what the other judges say. This is one remix that I'm really not sure about.

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A "Blunt" is a toy that kids play with.

True or False

That's what the ad says on this page. I'm tempted to give it a yes just because the ad is sort of funny. But let me listen to the mix first... . ... . ....

What is this streaming crap?!?

Ok, well I happen to have heard the original once or twice... The only real difference I hear here is the drums, and the fact that this song is so damn centered, that it sounds like it's coming from my monitor and not the speakers. GET WITH THE 21st CENTURY! WE RECORD IN STEREO!

Some more than stereo, but anyway, the mono bugs me, and the fact that I'm bored to sleep by it doesn't help much either.



I know I'm gonna get heat for this review...

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