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Silver Lava - Donkey Kong Country 2

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well...it is very noticeably fl studio. that isn't necessarily a bad thing, look at that song by chumble spuzz that got posted recently. however the sounds you chose are particularly weak ones and they are all put together in a way that really doesn't fit (fx_eh sticks out like a sore thumb).

as for the arrangement, you haven't really presented anything that could be seen as an interpretation of the original. it's pretty much a direct cover.

i think the main thing you should focus on is coming up with a way to separate your version from the original.

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lol @ fx_eh

DANCE DANCE!! We're falling apart....something something...

I actually liked that little bit.

As for a whole though, it sounds like you've had FL for a little while, not enough to real develop your own library though as a lot of the effects and samples are FL, same with the drumloop, etc.

and as hb said, it sound like a cover/rip with little interpretation.


Download samples/drumloops/VSTs off the net. There's a shit load, they're free, they'll improve your sound (a little bit).

Pick a genre and try and emulate it (preferably not rock because slayer sucks ass.)

Keep at it.

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