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*NO* Ultima Exodus 'Where the Unknown Lies'

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Well, here is another remix. I started this one

before I completed Time in the CloudsDX, and I got a

soundfont player for Fruity Loops 3.4 before it was

done, so there are a lot of soundfonts. I don't

really know what I'm going to do now, I might complete

a lemmings remix or start a new remix and re-do the

lemmings mix later. Oh well, here it is.

I would like to apologize for the file name.

Apparently Tripod has a filename character limit of 32

now, And I couldn't really fit the title in. If you

could rename it for me, Thankyou.

could you also post my email (krb202@yahoo.com) and my

website as well?

Thankyou, again!


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This remix leaves me kinda confused. Why? Well, half the time, there's simply not enough going on and it sounds too empty. Then the other half there's almost too much going on. Then suddenly it stops and goes into a completely different section with brass and an accordian. Would have liked some sort of transition here. Then it cuts right to a piano, which carries the mix to the poorly executed ending.

Some advice for next time: variety is a good thing, but work on trying the various sections together somehow. With a little more work this could be a cool remix, but for now it's just very, very confused. I personally like the feeling of a noisy, enthic marketplace - if that was carried throughout the whole thing (ie, work on the slower parts and completely change the second part), and maybe some background ambience added to make it sound like there's a large crowd there then I think it would sound really good.

But for now I'm gonna have to give it a no. It has potential, but I think it could improve a lot.

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Well it starts out pretty cool.

Didn't like that sudden transition to just percussion near the beginning though.

Or that sudden percussion to flute transition, weird.

Around 1:40 or so I can hear some strings or something come in that give it some nice backing... then it all suddenly dies and goes to flutes/pipes?? The hell...

And then that dies and goes into some brass instrumentation.

I personally sorta liked where it was going at first, but the mix is rapidly sounding like artist just couldn't make up his mind about what to do with the mix..

There, another big change, near the end it just swapped into piano solo, this is madness.

Parts of the mix were good, but it seems like there are clips of about 5 different mixes tossed in here.

I'd say figure out what you want to happen exactly and try again.

Vote: No

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First things first - The initial piano is not exactly mixed very well. There is some major clipping, which turned initially turned me off.

Though, the later parts in the mix particulary grew on me. Slight clipping at about 1:56 - 1:57. The transition right there is harsh, but I like the instant dropoff. At 2:28, it sounds like an entirely different tune to me. Throws me off, and it just starts up after a short period of silence. More clipping here and there - And there is a lack of low-end throughout the entire mix.

With better mixing, this arrangement would definitely deserve a yes.


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Thank you rob. Now it's time to change my vote to:


But for no reason.

No, I kid. Ok, up to around 1:40 this thing sounds like... well... have you ever gotten a midi from someone or someplace, and gone and tried to play it on your computer and all the sounds are wrong? Like, someone set the wrong patch numbers or patch numbers that only matched up on their particular sound module? That's what this reminds me of. Up until 1:40-ish, where those nice sounding atmospheric strings come in. Fills it up nicely. Then, the pipes, which is just weird. Then the next part sounds like a midi interpretation of a Chicago song.

This is incredibly minimalistic, but I don't think in a way that works. I think it needs to be re-orchestrated, and someone needs to study piano pieces before writing the stuff at the end of that piece. It's very... not like stuff that people can actually play. Plus there are no dynamics.

All around there's a lot of work that, I think, needs to be put into this song. Sounds like a first run and sounds like it could be a lot better.


Oh yeah, I already stated my verdict.


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