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I hate it when this happens

The Pezman

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Well, obviously my handle is somewhat common. Typically it comes up with references to how some Jewish people refuse to write "God", and instead write "G_d" or "G-d". Oh, but after checking just now I come up on the first page as a Kotaku commenter. That's new.

Anyway, all of you snobs can pretend that Google doesn't find you (I'm looking at you, analoq), but my other handle - Faro Castiglo - really isn't found by Google. I don't use it on any forums, but at least I know that nobody else is using it. I came up with that handle quite randomly, and it serves me well every time I use it, having never been previously taken.

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I don't have any trouble with people using mine on other forums (it's fairly unique) and I take up about 7/8ths of the first page on a google search, but after that some of the results just made me laugh. Take a Look:

CanadianDriver's New Car Buyer's Guide: Lincoln Zephyr

It’s built on the company’s CD3 platform, which also forms the basis of the Mazda6, although the Zephyr has a longer wheelbase, wider tread, bigger brakes ...

www.canadiandriver.com/overviews/2006/lincoln/zephyr.php - 51k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

vasque zephyr - boots - backpacking gear - thebackpacker.com

"I have had my Zephyr boots for 3 1/2 years and am pleased with their ... The tread however wears faster than other Vasque boots we've used in the past and ...

www.thebackpacker.com/gear/boots/vasque_zephyr.php - 29k -

Zephyr Sports Ultra Light Custom Wheelchair by Colours ...Tire Tread also affects the wheelchair ride. .... The "Zephyr" ultra-lightweight wheelchair is perfect for those that know exactly how they like to sit and ...

www.1800wheelchair.com/asp/view-product.asp?product_id=2191 - 195k -

Boots and a car, A wheelchair?

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My name used to be relatively unique, but recently many Narutards and Bleachfags have taken up usage of it, which I find very, VERY disconcerting. Which is why I have begun using my first name as my handle in some circles. I'm still the #1 result on google, however I used to be the first 2 pages of results and now there's a number of Naruto and Bleach related pages in there.

As for how I came up with the name, there's a progression of sorts:

1.) Fly. My friends in elementary school used to call me this because it rhymes with my first name. (In fact a few of my oldest friends still call me 'F' for short).

2.) FlyDeath. I came up with this super awesome name for myself at the age of 9 or 10 when playing Doom on BBSes.

3.) Hornet. Logical progression from FlyDeath when I started playing at large LANs in Albuquerque.

4.) Suzumebachi. Japanese translation of Hornet. I decided to use it when I realized Hornet was far too common.

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Mine is completely unique.

I'd originally planned to go through a set of names in 2005 based on the FF7 elements: fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, gravity, earth, poison, and holy.

For my first, I had Archaeapyric from the latin roots archa- (ancient) and -pyr (fire.)

For my second I used roots from some other language I can't remember. Hierpagos: Hier- (sacred) -pagos (ice)

For my third I had picked out Tendreil Gollagagh, which means forked lightning in scots-gaelic, but as you can see, I made a clerical error in the spelling and failed to fix it.

For my fourth and fifth short lived names I had were Nathaír (meaning water snake in gaelic) and Cáidh (holy, also in gaelic.)

By Nathaír, people were tired of me changing my screen name, so I reverted to Gollgagh. Cáidh was an alt account of mine that I gave to my brother after the forum switch.

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