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Why I hope my marriage is like Super Mario Bros. 3: A long improvised-essay

Antonio Pizza

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes and lighthearted humor. I hope my marriage is like SMB 3, but I want it to be a testament to Christ and His church (but that's a PPR discussion).

As for dr_amazing's comment...gee wilikers. You know, I never looked at it like that. And the fact that I never looked at it that way makes the situation seem all the more despairing. In my defense, at least you can hit the reset button on Mario 3. True you can start all over with a new marriage, but life is RAM; video games are ROM. Ain't no 1-UPs. Bowser doesn't remember how you failed like Starscream. You just try it differently with your character totally revitatlized while he does the same old thing. New relationships (and marriages in particular) often leave you licking unhealed and permanently scarred wounds.

But seriously, that was funny. 8 slices.

"life is RAM; video games are ROM. Ain't no 1-UPs"? Man, I'm a nerd. Hope she's made peace with what she's gotten herself into...

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