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  1. Games are generally easy now. There are still hard games, and most at least have harder difficulties...but games like Battletoads and Contra didn't have difficulties. You just pressed start and saw how far you could get. It seems to me like achievements are a way to replace the "prestige" of beating older games. Everyone may have beaten Crackdown, but how many people can say that they found all of the agility orbs? That kind of thing. It's not the same as beating Contra without dying a single time, but it's something, at least.
  2. I don't have a PS3, but I'll definitely be on the lookout for a way to check this one out.
  3. This good fellow built me a truly mighty system pretty recently. No game exists at this point in time that can slow my new rig in the slightest. Glory incarnate. Dude knows his stuff. This thread is epic win.
  4. I got it. I've played it many, many times via emulator before, but hey. I started it up, noticed some new dialog work, won some silver points, etc. When Frog entered, however, something went very wrong. "Lower your guard, and you're allowing the enemy in." What is this nonsense? I'm quite angry.
  5. Easily one of the best films I've ever seen. Not perfect, but damn close.
  6. Yesterday in a city not too far from where I live, 30 strategically placed high school seniors released approximately eighteen thousand marbles into the halls during a passing period. All of them are have ISS until the end of school. But hey...so awesome.
  7. So what's this about a friend code database? Mine is: 4897-5699-9017 I'd love a few adds, and wherever this mysterious database is, I'm up for being added to that as well.
  8. Some of Reuben's works still come up as consistent favorites, even among my collection of thousands of songs. He had a true gift in music, and though I never knew him personally, I can't imagine that he was anything but a wonderful, inspiring person. I offer my most heartfelt prayers and sympathies.
  9. The old days. The good days. The blue days. I always thought the blue layout felt a lot more...warm? Welcoming? The white seems very 'modern' and all, but eh. Blue FTW.
  10. Best read I've come across in a long, long time. Well done essay, and a great outlook on life. God bless, man. If for nothing else, your marriage will endure as a testament to the greatness of SMB3.
  11. I pre-ordered the special edition...hoping it will come in tomorrow. The only DT albums I have at the moment are Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Train of Thought, and Octavarium, and while a lot of people have been saying this newest offering lacks polish, I'm keeping my ears open for the good of it all. I'll try to remember to post an opinion when I get it.
  12. The sound at the beginning...so cool sounding. I want to hug it. In other news, this is a grade A mix. Hard to find fault here. Congratulations on a job well done.
  13. My friends and I are staying up and maintaining non-stop chat-contact with one another until the new Blizz game gets announced. I'm got sick of WoW and quit, so it's about time for some SC2.
  14. I downloaded Rappelz a few weeks ago, just to give it a shot. After a while...it was just so boring I couldn't take it. That may be because I used to play WoW, but it might not be I suppose.
  15. You know, the music on the site reminds me a lot of Warcraft III/WoW. I've barely touched Fallout 1...it bothered me how incredibly slow paced it was. Fallout 2 I'm hoping to get my hands on soon, however. Worth it, I trust? Or is it just like 1?
  16. Fantastic work as always from the good Star Salzman. The vocal work is indeed mesmerizing, and I have a bit of a soft spot for piano work, especially piano intros. Mad props, remix more often!
  17. I foresee a version of the Jackobot becoming a staple in the US military in twenty years. Now, if only we had some gundanium alloy...
  18. It's rare that OCR gets this kind of well-executed ambiance and atmosphere. Vocal parts are great, as is their contrast. And hell, I loves me some BOOM-style percussion. Well done.
  19. So I have a level 7 Elf hunter. Got him all the way there two days ago, and only played for about fifteen minutes yesterday. I was having fun at first, but now it just seems like WoW without magic, a different storyline, and a more annoying interface. I love the books...but I've been playing WoW too long. I may even quit that. Curse you, MMO developers.
  20. A PC version of this would make me so happy. I have a DS, but I would much rather play on a 21 inch monitor than a couple of 77 mm ones.
  21. Mystical Ninja and Tetrisphere are both good choices. Ogre Battle 64, anyone? That one has a place in my heart.
  22. You know what, I like that. Thank you.
  23. Thread title made me think of a gundam with the Hylian emblem on it, and maybe a gigantic Master Sword instead of a beam saber. On topic, Strike911 said it. The PS3 is not innovative. There should be an entirely different word for how biased that quote is.
  24. TheRedBob


    Just got home...very cool stuff. About halfway through the movie, I kinda thought "hmm, you know, there sure is a lot of slow motion", and didn't think anything else of it for the rest of the film. It could have been better, but not a whole lot better. Very well done bit of film. Thumbs up.
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