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OCR00790 - *YES* Final Fantasy 4 'Leap Into the Darkness'

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I feel dirty doing this, but I'm submitting my Final Fantasy 4 ReMix I just completed. It's an on/off project I've been working on for over a month. Damn school gets in the way :(


UPDATE: I've noticed a few minor errors I feel uneasy having in a final release in the current release you may have. The link is down until further notice. I'll get a fixed version up ASAP.

UPDATE #2: Just uploaded an updated version I just mastered. Changed a few things around. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I feel more confident about this release.

UPDATE #3: Mustin noticed that the NES part was off-key. He helped me resolve the problem, and it sounds 87x better. Thanks to Mustin. (Reuploaded, Heh...)

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Don't worry, it's perfectly fine to post songs right to the panel (since I became a judge I've always posted right to the panel)! Just think of it as one of the benefits of being a judge. :D

This mix is pretty much spot on. Though I usually don't like medleys since they often consist of several underdeveloped songs rather than focusing on one and really paying a lot of attention to it, I must say this is done better than most that I've heard. The one thing I'd recommend is to keep working on your transitions and your ending - most of the ones in this song sounded abrupt and really took my by suprise. But I think each individual section is arranged well, and the overall quality is well above the bar.


Edit - by the way, it's also perfectly acceptable to vote on your own song, though I too feel just a little squeamish about that....

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I'm not fond of some of the synths used, especially in that 8 bit sounding chunk, near the beginning but I think that's just me. Otherwise this mix is cool, and although some of the covered themes don't get enough attention to please me I think it's postable.

Vote: Yes

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Great feel for the originals. Brings them out of their 64kb shells and out into the open with plenty of zip. Liked the spacy synths. Sounded like Modplug, is that right? Good instrument choice. The notes that are different from the original were well chosen. I would use more horn, cause the horns realy got my heart racing on those intense FF4 battles :D


Dont like the chiptune part at all. Reason I dont like the chiptune part is that

A. SNES game, thus never sounded like that

B. Didnt seem to fit + Resonance was high on that flute triangle

C. MONO!! EW MONO!!! NO NO NO!!!!!

Also it seemed sorta boring towards the center, even though its a good theme. I would have liked to see more going on.

Pros win this time. Great job!


On the side, I would like to add: I think you should submit the final version with no changes later. The reasons for that is you cant expect the judges to change their votes. They might like it better before/after the change, and so forth.

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Ok, I guess you fixed the 8-bit part.

Ok. This really bugs me. It always has. And I've never figured out why. Well, I guess I know WHY, but it seems a tad triflin' (Ask GirlTypePizza if you don't know what "triflin'" means) at the same time. But what I've noticed is, in a lot of remixes, and originals by amateurs (a.k.a. not getting paid to do it, not reflective of the quality of the mix, lest anyone get defensive), that they use these drums that sound nothing like real drums. Like, midi drums have a certain sound to them. Anyway, I can't deny that this is done well, but I also don't know what the original sounds like...

*** DiscoDan goes to zophar.net

*** DiscoDan downloads the FF4 soundtrack

*** DiscoDan listens

Man... I can't figure out which theme this is. Which might be good or bad. But I'm gonna spend the whole day listening to this until I figure it out. Which is a depressing look at my day.


Found it. Wonderful. Well this is a nice variation from the original, and since it varies so much and still has some inkling of the original in it, I'm gonna say yes, because everything else has been said: it's well done, well produced, well thought out. My only gripe is those nasty drums in the beginning. But other than that, great



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