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Poor Rejected Me Needs Help (T_T)

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I guess the best way to describe it is

that it sounds like your trying to rush a few more beats out of it at the end.

also the song begins with an ominous feel, and you bring it back to that towards the end

but then the drums come in and take that feel away, it just seems wrong to me.

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Well I'm gonna be stubborn for now and keep those last drums, cuz to me they kind of give it that epic "is it done yet? yay!" feel


This one SHOULD be the final copy unless either Fishy, JJT or whoever decides that it still needs improvement - which they probably will. But damn man I came so far =( I want this done and over with so I can get my Schala remix going lol.

Basically, for this one I altered the bass slightly and did some volume fix ups. Hopefully it's mastered well now.

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I think it needs a bass.. and a funky one at that. I know you've got some low-end pads, but a true bass might actually help in creating a bit more order in the confusing rhythm.

The drums are way too dry, too up-close, and are screaming for some processing and velocity-editing. Also, I know you're new at this, but some of those drums fills just sound really cheesy. By the way, are those synth pads on-beat? It doesn't sound like it to me in some sections =(

In general, I think your melodical instruments are taking on a bit of a too ambient approach, the whole thing definitely needs a decently catchy lead-instrument to create some order and drive the mix on. The pads just tend to get a bit too repetitive on their own.

Sorry for the numerous criticisms, but this is pretty much everything you'll need to fix before you'll be even getting close to OCR-standard

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