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PRC99: A Follin-Radd Comic Adaptation (Silver Surfer) [RESULTS]


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Need us to come up with suggestions? I'm sure someone has a good idea. :3

"Someone" not being me.

Suggestions would have been cool, though somehow I'm more leaning in the direction of a prize relating to PRC100's source material, assuming that the source provider would give the green light on it. We'll find out when we start it off at 7AM EST tomorrow.

For now, let's go go go - 10 hours remain until THIS PRC's voting stage comes to a close.

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Time's up! Now, who got out of Mephisto's grasp alive? It's time we braced ourselves for the final conclusion.

Total number of votes - 12

Total number of mixes - 4

Highest possible score: 36

Chickenwarlord received another last place wooden spoon with 3 points.

Andy Jayne rocked his way to third place with 22 points.

Nutritious rode onto second place with 26 points.

And the winner of PRC99 is Hylian Lemon with 30 points!

Well done on your second PRC win, Ben. You've managed to pull through some intense competition to get this far. Now all you got to do now is figure out a source tune for PRC101. Hurry up, you only have 17 days :)

PRC100 will begin in an hour at the least. I hope you're all ready for what's there, fokes. Be there or be square!

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