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*NO* Donkey Kong Country 2 'Lanterns'


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remixer name: Radiowar

user ID: 15569

game: DKC2

song remixed: Stickerbrush Symphony

Hey again,

this remix started off as a solo piano piece, when EazyP got interested in it and sort of requested a version with more orchestral elements to be submitted to R:TS...it never got posted though so I figured I'd at least try and submit it here.

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Loving the dark piano harmonies right off the bat. However, the string sounds a little bare, I think you need a solo, not section sample for that part. The oboe isn't present enough. Oh man, this track is really well written and dark. I'm loving it, but those two problems really hurt. I'm torn as to whether it can pass anyway. Relatively easy fixes would get this to be supersolid in my book, so i'm going to go

NO and say please resubmit

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http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=dkq - "Stickerbush Symphony" (dkq-17.spc)

Yeah, pretty nice so far. As Vigilante alluded to, there were some balance issues that leave the textures feeling a bit too murky and indistinct. The oboe definitely needed to take the forefront and instead felt obscured.

There was some decent build/escalation after the first minute thanks to all the added instrumentation, so definitely understand that I thought that concept was good.

The arrangement still felt a little repetitive in terms of the structure. "A-B-A-B-C" oversimplifies it, but the iterations of the theme after the first time didn't really say anything new. After some good new stuff via the piano from 1:55-2:13, modify the phrasing at 2:14's chorus a bit to keep things fresh. As is, it sounds like a cut-paste of 1:06-1:34, instrumentation, rhythms and all. For a sequenced piece that's meant to sound organic like this, that kind of absolutely perfect repetition of a section hurts the realism.

I did like the new territory with the source verse from 2:42 though, and it was a strong final section. Sure, tweak the production as suggested, but also do a lil' something with that cut-and-paste section to vary it up. Nothing major, just something. No need to drastically overhaul anything.

Pretty close to the bar with this interpretation, but "supersolid", as Vig said, would do you and this work much more justice, and I feel you've got the ability for it. Good work so far. You're permanently on my radar now, Alexhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

NO (refine/resubmit)

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heh, when we cut out the length, nobody's going to get the alexhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bit.

anyway. really interesting and uniquely dark take on stinkybush sonata, or whatever. the opening piano reminded me of the caverns or whatever the level was in Symphony of the Night--the part where you fight the dog with 3 heads--been a while since I've played that, so I don't remember. Anyway.

Would it have killed you to bump up the master volume a couple notches before your final render? You barely broke 6 DB on the peak meter until the very very end, i think it got a little higher.

Oboe is definitely too quiet. Basically just needs some balancing issues, like Vig and Larry have said. Otherwise, I'm highly impressed with the direction you took this one. Resubmit this or else.


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