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amplitube and guitar rig acting slow

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I installed amplitube 2 and guitar rig 2 on my computer yeterday after I formatted. for some reason they are both really delayed. especually amplitube. all my soundcard drivers are updated. also another thing I noticed is that before when I would strum my guitar you wouldnt hear any sound unless amplitube or guitar rig was running. now I hear my guitar at all times. why is it doing this?

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You should be able to decrease the latency (the delay you're talking about) from the sound settings window in both of the programs. How much you can decrease it really depends on the kind of soundcard you're using and whether it's ASIO-capable or not.

I have no idea how to solve the second problem you have, it might have something to do with the soundcard settings, maybe you should post what kind of soundcard/ recording interface you're using.

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It's latency.

Try going into your sound card control panel and seeing if you can find a latency or buffer control panel. You want it to be as small as possible and, like Tensei-san suggested, you'll have an easier time lowering latency if you're using ASIO drivers.

I just lowered my latency to about 5.8ms, using guitar rig in sonar and triggering samples from another computer, I get almost no noticable delay.

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