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OCR00873 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Town Life in Piano'


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lets see, there must be some reason why this is here.

Dont see any reason yet




TAKE THAT Bach's Goldberg Variations




too short, I guess. Yea, could have been longer.

So many sub-par remixes coming in. This was my ray of sunshine on the Gondor battlefield as the ghosts ships sailed ashore with naught but my allies.

I doubt anyone will even understand that statement.



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Ya know... I wasn't going to say anything about this originally. I listened to it, heard that it was decent, and decided, "ok, these guys made the right choice (as if there's a right or wrong here) in saying Yes unanimously." But then I listened to the original. And then I played the original. I might have shit for music-reading ability, but my ears can tell me what my eyes can't.

This song had a beautiful chord progression to it. I know, I get on everyone's case about this. But the original was so beautiful. The bass was so appropriate for the melody and chord progression.

This is the AOL of chord progressions, folks. This arranger has made the chord progression so user-friendly that it's lost all of it's beauty, at least to me. Great dynamics, and flawless playing. That's all I'd give this song. The variation really isn't all that varied. The melody doesn't change. In fact, the more I listen to it, I realize there is so much more that COULD have been done with it. Try different time signature. Try minor. Theme and variations aren't supposed to be half-assed.

But the slaughtering of the chord progression bugs me more than anything else about this song. Too much 1-4-5 for a song that originally had so much class. I realize it's already been voted for and was unanimous, but I really just could not let this go without saying something. Maybe I'm an ass, but I think "maybe" is being too lenient.

Had I been voting, there would be a fat:

NO here.


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