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Zelda: Twilight Princess-- Midna's Desperation WIP


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Hi everyone. I'm a long-time lurker here. I've never submitted anything because I'm certain that my work isn't passable, but I'd like to change that. So, I'm looking to get suggestions on how I can improve this remix before I take my first shot at the judges.

The source is from Zelda: Twilight Princess: http://one.fsphost.com/CryptoMagnum/ocwip/070%20-%20Midnas%20Desperation.mp3

And the remix can be found here: http://one.fsphost.com/CryptoMagnum/ocwip/TwilightRedux.mp3

Some specific issues that I can hear on my own are:

1. Low volume overall (any higher in FL Studio produces distortion)

2. Crackling around 2:33. I've figured out that this is my choir sample; it "pops" whenever I hold higher notes for too long and the sample loops.

Those are the things I know about but don't know how to fix (in terms of the choir issue, buying soundfonts is not an option for me right now, but I think I can do better with the ones I have). But besides that, my remix just doesn't sound ocremix-caliber, and I'm having trouble identifying what my big issues are.

Anything you guys can point out to me would be greatly appreciated. Be harsh-- I can take it. Thanks in advance.

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This is actually very decent, but there's still a lot you could do to improve it.

The piano is very mechanically sequenced right off the bat. First impressions are everything, and this doesn't come off too good. Especially the starting arpeggio is in desperate need of velocity editing. Can you name a pianist that hits every note with exactly the same strength? Cause I sure can't =P

If you really wanna be a perfectionist, you can move the individual notes forward or back a few milliseconds.

I think during the electronica-section, you could do with adding back a bit more of the orchestral sounds from the intro. Especially the piano-arpeggio screams to be put in there somewhere near the end, so you can have some sort of development there. While none of the synth sounds are annoying at all, I think you could play around a bit more with different instrumentation, for example add some contra-melody with a different synth later on. This would really help in giving this mix a sense of development, and give the impression that it's really going somewhere.

About your specific issues: This is not a death metal mix, right? So there's no reason to have volume pumped up to near-clipping. I didn't have to adjust my speakers to listen to it, so I'd say volume level is fine.

About the choir; are you using the Nando Florestan Ahh Choir?. It's pretty much the best free choir soundfont you'll find, and it really can get the job done.

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Yay! I like this theme. :) And I like your treatment of it as well. Whoever says this theme couldn't be improved by remixing is wrong. :P

As far as criticisms, the only thing that bugs me is the transition from the piano segment. It gets too loud too fast. My suggestion would be to bump up the piano's volume a bit and leave the rest as is. I have the same issues with quiet mixes. Still haven't found a remedy that works, unfortunately.

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wow, for a first mix, this is really good. At least, a hell of a lot better than the crap I made when I first started...bleh...

anyway, to the song. The piano is indeed very mechanical - I'd mess with the velocities and change the reverb (if you are using FL's default) to have a room size of 100 and a small % of verb..

As for the drums, I'd throw a compressor on each channel (if you're using more than one channel for the drums) and mess with the different settings for each. Experimentation is a good thing.

I'd direct you to zircon's site - he has an amazing tutorial for effects there (http://www.zirconstudios.com/tutorials.html)

A good start, seriously. Read those tutorials and keep practicing and you'll be just fine.

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