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Finish- AnnoDomini1000 - Chrono trigger


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did something after a long while, this is the remix from chrono triggers 1000ad.

equip- used:

miniscare-2 midi keyboard

reason 3.0

mainly just messing around alot with automations, man now I really feel sry for not getting more knobs on my controller.

anyways , id like to submit it to OCRs charts, so tell me if its OCR standards. ... or if it isnt

violá ---> http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=541032&songID=5670469

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The very first piano you hear is really really midish. If you cut this whole thing in half and used it as an intro to lead into that beat, and then started to go somewhere else with the song, then you might have a decent start, but this is far from a completed song. Keep working on it and post again when you have more!

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The intro is pretty bad. Well, actually, like the first 4 seconds. It just feels like you're playing a wrong note, or the notes aren't syncing up right, or something... Maybe that's just me.

I'm actually feeling this (I'm listening to lo-fi so I can't really say if something something low quality. I can't remember my login info. >.>), especially when the toms come in. It actually all starts to come together near the 2:30 mark, give or take. The synth that takes the lead at 2:52 or so sounds good, and the violin was unexpected.

It sounds good, but maybe a bit too repetitive. I was gonna say they'd shoot this down real quick, but this turned out to be pretty good. Keep tweaking some stuff, maybe throw some more percussion changes in it. With some fixes, I can see this passing.


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Oi, a fellow dutchman. I guess I'll have to comment then. =P

Well the main problem with the arrangement is that the mix doesn't really develop. You got lots of interesting stuff going on in terms of instrumentation, but the mix really needs variation in terms of melodic and harmonic content, since you're basically restricting yourself around a relatively short part from the original, and only bring in the main melody near the ending.

Also, It really needs to build up to some kind of climax. While the drums are interesting, I think they're in fact a bit TOO varied. You might want to try and lay down a steady groove somewhere, because the whole song felt as a kind of intro to something.

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