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OCR00799 - Monkey Island 2 "Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul"


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Thanks to @Polo for his source breakdown, I was finally able to add some official source tune information to this one. I used the Monkey Island 2 SE tracknames, since those are official. Here's the rough breakdown:

0:00-0:12 - "It All Started on Scabb Island..." (Deep in the Caribbean intro)
0:18-1:11 - "Jojo the Monkey"
1:11-2:09 - "Call Me the Bone Master"
2:10-2:53 - "Stan's Previously Used Coffins"
2:53-3:50 - "Captain Kate"
3:55-4:33 - "It All Started on Scabb Island..." (Scabb Island Beach section)
4:51-6:21 - "Big Whoop and Finale" (LeChuck's theme section)

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