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OCR00804 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'The Mellow Cooridor' *FT*


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Hey, i know it's a popular song to mix, but i did it

anyway. The remix is of the Zeal Corridor theme and i

like to called it "The Mellow Corridor Oc ReMix" i'd

like it credited to "The Graceful Failure".

This song is pretty mellow and sticks to the main tune

of the original. However the bassline is a bit loud,

but i chose it that way. At one part i changed the

bass line around and the main rhythm, not lead. I

think the song is pretty mellow but other peoples

opinions may differ. I made the song with Fruityloops

v 3.5. and last but not least, the song....i hope your

familiar with vgmix.com, cuz that's where it is. I hop

you don't mind editing the tags because the song is

already up and there's a couple spelling errors,

thanks a lot:

i hope the song works out, if not, i won't be let down

the least bit. (well i will, but it won't hurt

me...it'll just be, ya know...)

this arrangement's two months old, hence it's being posted here

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Well, it doesn't add much to the an often-remixed theme, but I don't like to use that as a basis for judging. As for the music its self, I think this sounds pretty good - sounds are quality enough, they're used well, and there's no glaring mastering errors that I can pick out. The arrangement kinda gets repetitive, but maybe that's just because this is the latest in a long line of zeal remixes! :) It does do a good job breaking things up, though.

I'm gonna have to say Yes here. Yeah, it's Chrono Corridor, but it's quality, and that's what matters.

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Well, I can tell its not a midi rip because the chord structure doesnt follow the lead.


Well, I can tell its not a midi rip because the chord structure doesnt follow the lead.

At one point the bass disappears and the stringsynth goes WAY too high, EWWWWWW.

Way repetitive.

Good enuf.


But how about we do OTHER songs in the future? Theres easily 20 remixes of this song.

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I always liked this theme. And even after so many interpretations of it (several being crappy) I still like it.

I've listened to it looping about 10 times now, and while I can't find anything wrong with it, I can't find anything remarkable to say about it either. But I think it's good. Going with my (rather large) gut on this one.

Vote: Yes

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