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ChronoTrigger Remix


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Merry meet,

I had some hardships last year which prevented me from actually dealing with music (save for Guitar), but I worked on this Chronotrigger remix last year at my brothers request.

It's not the usual psy-groove style, and picking it back up after 8 months or so leaves me clueless on how to execute this remix.

I've never played the game.

I would like to get some good advice on where to take this remix.

Suggestions on production and style are not really welcomed :[ Unless they are REALLY REALLY good suggestions.


Thanks much

Blessed be.

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Good luck with getting feedback.

If you are not sure where to take the remix, why are you remixing this track at all? Sure, you might have a block, but isn't having the idea of where to take the remix one of the main motivations behind wanting to remix a tune? If you are not feeling it, and you don't really know where to take it (I am sorry, but there is nothing you can take anywhere in this mix, its just a sparse intro) I say ditch it. Do something you have passion for. Like Pokemon.

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I may be a newb at making music, but it's real hard to make something when you can't get an emotion going...BUT what you could do is associate this remix with a song you recognize and mix the 2 together >_<. Quite a few songs like CidSendsADreamToTheOceanPalace holy crap that's a long name...but anyways, it's easier that way methinks. Like try making a song you recognize first...then make the chrono trigger song bleed into it half way or so, that way you might get a feeling there.

However, I'm getting a feeling in this song...it feels kinda like Metroid Prime lol. I wouldn't ditch this song lol...then again I myself recognize this tune so I have a feeling for it lol. Oh well...

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yo majeliss:

listening, the intro is kind of sparse, I like those cool booms and bangs, but I think you should have some kind of pad behind this, coming in and out just to help with the sparseness...after say...:15, maybe leading up to that cool drum thingy...

also I know this game quite well, so if you need some suggestions on where to take this song, I can probably come up with a bunch

production and drums are great... You need some stronger instruments to come in at :37 and really hold that chord...

I suggest just your garden variety strings, because having played Chronotrigger, the game mixed both tech sounding music with a more epic, orchestral feel...also I suggest a crash cymbal there too, just for better emphasis..

hybrid this song up! also from about :40-1:00, you need to have something else going on, it's a wonderful soundscape you're making, but I think you could probably afford to have some sort of theme nod in there...

Anyway, this would probably be easier on aim, but I just wanted to give you some general ideas...

Also, I happen to be working on a song from a game I've never played either, so I know how you feel right now! Maybe we can help each other.

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