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  1. Garageband can't be that bad... This: http://www.amazon.com/Made-Bricks-Kate-Nash/dp/B000V3L0ZK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1205695956&sr=1-1 was recorded in Garageband.
  2. I think it's for the sound. As someone can already tell what the material difference between porcelain, glass, and brass is.
  3. nice, i love ymck. thanks ogre kyuu-juu-ichi on another note, anyone know where i can get jazz drum soundfonts. those in particular are pretty hard to find. or just any drum soundfonts that work well with soft jazz (don't even necessarily need a brush sound). that'd be sweet.
  4. well, yeah. but it would be common favourites. the songs that get voted the most would appear on the 'album'. the japanese band l'arc~en~ciel did this with success. for each country their greatest hits album was to be released in, there was a vote for which songs should appear on it. an ocr best-of would give new users in the future a good starting point, like any other best-of album. of course there would be several brilliant gems left out, like on most best-of albums, but it would still give a good idea of what ocr is about, rather than someone new to ocr just clicking random songs and ending up listening to some of the obscure crap from the early days (no offense, i actually like most of that lo-fi stuff, but i get the feeling others don't).
  5. an ocr best-of/greatest-hits album. somewhere between 1 and 5 "discs". maybe it could all be torrented, or just a page with links to all the best songs. it could be decided by user a voting system for registered users. it's about time for something like this, considering how well-established ocr and it's musicians are now. what do you think?
  6. this is nice. sort of takes me back to earlier days of ocr in terms of instrumentation. it's pretty damn classy though. love how you used the chiptunes and the slow attack filter synth leads. maybe create more of an outro as it ends a little too abruptly.
  7. this is fucking awesome, man. keep up the good work. you could start remixing, or doing originals. don't worry about panning, it's just what feels the most natural. can't wait to hear more from you.
  8. like the one by children of bodom?
  9. any cheech & chong any ernest (except the halloween one, that's scary) tenacious d: the complete masterworks both bill & ted movies the life aquatic with steve zissou
  10. i thought TIAHDTFB has always been on your site. but now the memories ep is gone.
  11. it's totally relevant ;p jk ok, about the song. rezhume's dance does not really make me feel like dancing at all. well, maybe a very slow interpretive dance, but for something like that, it requires more time for the listener to 'sink' into the slower, ambient feeling of the song, in order to actually feel the dance. cutting it off so short is a gip. perhaps some more arrangement and elongating it like 5x would really help one trance out into the subtle mellow vibes of the song. and by arrangement i don't mean adding more instruments, i mean to have the piano doing a little more (or perhaps less) than what it's doing now. it seems your songs all use the same riff. you syncopate the root note with a couple other notes, without even changing the root note to go along with the changing of the chords (not that you have to, but in order to pull off something so simple, it requires a lot of skill and subtlety, not to mention musical magic. you'd think simpler stuff would be easier for amateurs to make, but it's really the opposite. do you listen to erik satie at all? i think he is the master of classical subtlety in all it's epic greatness). also i think it would sound better if it were somewhat more quantized (not necessarily 100% quantized, but to be more in 'rhythm', if you could even say these pieces have rhythm). keep working on it, and surely you will make something really sweet soon enough. also, an album is generally about 8 or more songs. anything less is considered an EP or a single.
  12. this is pretty sweet. it sounds like the instruments aren't all playing in the same key, but then again neither does 'only a northern song'. i can't find anything wrong with it, but it leaves a little to be desired, perhaps some sort of structure, as it's already quite all over the place.
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