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Back from Haitus with a re-done WIP (MarioKart64)


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So...I haven't touched FLStudio to make a remix in quite a while. So I'm deciding to pick it up again and redo a remix I submitted a long time ago.

This is a remix of the ending theme of Mario Kart 64. I did it in a very pop-ish style, something Mariah Carey would sing over.

The main complaints the judges had was that the intro was too soft, it was too short to say what it had to say and everything was covered in reverb. So here it is, completely remastered and extended.

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=648944 (Sweet Taste of Victory).

Known issues:

-Too much high end, needs to be toned down a bit

-The ending is a bit bare as far as composition goes

-Very little amounts of clipping throughout the piece




http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/index-gr.html (Scroll down to Ending Credits (2))

Any comments are extremely appreciated, and thank you for venturing into my thread. ^_^

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Seems sortof strange at the beginning how the bass piano notes seem a lot fuller than the melody, which seems constrained to dead-center. Makes it sound unnatural. Make the higher register ring out like the lower and mid.

Drums seem thin and treble-heavy, like they are dehydrated. The snare switches up a bit later and it's a little better, but it still needs some weight to it. Right now it sounds like a dried out paper snare hit.

The rest is decent, but there is something missing here, and I think what it really needs is a main melody of some sort. I realize you have the main melody in there, but with the tone of the piece and with the synth you've chosen for it, it sounds more like a backing instrument, and the same goes for when the strings take the lead. I think a good way (at least for a first step forward) to improve it would be to try doubling the part an octave up, so it sounds more prominent.

You're mix is ditching the driving rhythm of the original, so having a strong melody front and center is more important than ever.

The production is pretty good with the exception of the wimpy drums, and a few parts (mainly the strings) seem somewhat 2 dimensional as well, like you could kind of peek behind them and there wouldn't be anything there. The reverb on everything is fine though, and very tasteful, so no worries there. :-)

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Alriiight, thanks for your reply. Everything you said has been taken into account and a new version should be uploaded shortly. (For some reason, my render time on FLStudio 7 has gone from a couple minutes to 3 hours or so)

The synth I used to take the lead up an octave is not, by any means, the final one. It is just there to show that the idea is taking shape. But I'm not quite sure if i like it or not...

And since I hate sending people to the top to get the link again, here it is:


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