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OCR01610 - Chrono Trigger "Wind Scene Concert Paraphrase"

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Beautiful arrangement and performance, and the production really lets the details through. The melody has been taken to some great new areas, and the harmonies are very rich. Everything about this mix is great; new counterpoint, vivid tones colors.. Fantastic work, I love it! :-)

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The performance in this piece is fantastic, and the composition is simply incredible. I immediately went on a hunt for the sheet music after listening to it, oh, about 23 times in a row, and am just happy that I know enough about the piano to appreciate what Zohar has done here.

I am constantly shaking my head (literally) in amazement. The creativity shown in the variation of the theme is great, and the lush harmonies always give me chills. Listening to this track has really opened my eyes regarding how to approach arranging, and how to respect the source, but add your own interpretation at the same time.

My favorite aspects:

- The subtlety of the opening is fantastic. How can you not be intrigued within the first few seconds?

- The multiple voices used in the B section starting around 1:45. An awesome use of the piano's versatility here.

- The return of the A section, laying triplets over eighths. Couldn't help but draw parallels to Brahms-style Intermezzos.

- The flourish of emotion at 3:02.

- The homestretch, with the constant eighths in the right hand, laid over the melody in the left.

- The very last couple of measures, with the quartal harmonies. I love perfect fourths.

OK fine. The whole piece is just amazing.

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