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Glad to see this project is under way at last. I hope you can churn out some really cool stuff! I'm no musician myself but I'll be supporting 110%. ;-)

Support is a crucial part of the process: if no one was interested, there would be no point making this in the first place.

So, glad you're still following this. We'll make sure to be at least as cool as Headdy himself... well, we'll try! ;)

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... a piano-only version of "A Ballad for You" would be absolutely B-E-A-utiful.
Bumping this to say this is the best idea ever and i agree with all of the above! If I had the sheet music for "A Ballad for You" i'd probably start playing :( ill just have to play by ear instead :P

Sheet music you say? Look no further.



It's a straight transcription, but for a few really minor edits and pedaling I found to be appropriate. Enjoy!

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I'm pretty sure I whined about the lack of Treasure remixes somewhere else, too. Oh well. And, yeah, no one reads these dang ol' things anyways.

I assure you, some people do read these dang ol' things. Some even respond. Speaking of which... You've Got a Secret Bonus Point!

It took some time, but hopefully your request has now been answered. :wink:

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