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stereo sound piano roll

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Well, there are 2 ways that I know of to do this, the first is to record everything, then select in the pattern all of the data for the first note you want to do (Ex. select all the D#'s), then double click a note in the group and set the panning for that note. Do likewise for every note.

The second one is more of a pain but works for live play, first decide how picky you are about how smooth the fade from side to side whould be as you go down/up the keyboard, then clone your soundfont channel the correct amount of times for that amount (say it doesn't need to be too precise and you could do with top being all right, middle-top being mostly right, middle-bottom being mostly left and bottom being all left, then you would make 4 channels, one for each section.)

After cloning the channel, make a layer and set all your clones and the original channel as children of that layer, then you go to each channel seperately and adjust it's keyboard range and panning so that the keyboard range is spread evenly throughout the clones and the panning makes a transition as you go down. Hope that helps, and I hope you understand it.

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