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The Battle of Chernobyl (Tetris)


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Here's a dark ambient track I wrote in my spare time at work over the

past few weeks as an experiment with 5.1 surround mixing.

At around 34 minutes long, this track takes the familiar Tetris

song Korbeiniki and stretches it into a brooding and unfamiliar

soundscape centered on the events at the Chernobyl nuclear power



Added a new mirror. Fixed original.



If you need an AC3 codec, one can be found (along with Winamp Plugin) at



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This is awesome. Ambient and 5.1 surround go fit together naturally, being what they are. Good use of the surrounds and the LFE channel, and it varies enough over its length to keep things interesting.

By the way, CotMM, you have to immediately make a Silent Hill ambient mix like this. Like, right now. DO EET. :)

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