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OCR00862 - *YES* Ultima Online 'Create Deconstruct' *FT*


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Uhm... I didn't get the email for this one or anything, but AntonioPizza informs me that I should post it up here, so here it is.

Hopefully he has the artist info, etc. I only have the song.

The remixer is Suzumebachi, that much I do know.


Nice sound coming through my headphones here. I'm not having a blast listening to it, but that's cus I'm a fan of faster paced stuff. But even so, I am enjoying it. It sounds really good, samples are well chosen, nothing sounds bad actually. I don't have the original on me for comparison, so I'm not sure how rearranged it is, but I still like it.

Vote: Yes

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Too simple.

Blatant use of drumloops.


Strings get annoying

Bass synth gets even more annoying cause its always there.


It was sounding good for a second there at the beginning. But whatever sudden hope I had vanished.

Nice try, but make your own beats in the future.



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I liked the strings a lot, and that guitar sound was nice as well. The weak link in this is the drums, which sound a bit low-key. They sound like some drum loops have just been slapped in, which is a shame considering the rest of the piece.

The drum issue isn't major enough to discredit the rest of the mix, so I'll give this a YES

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I think I'm going to start judging these things differently. I'll consider whether or not I'd keep them on my HD. If I would, then I will vote yes, and if not, I'll vote no. The only exception would be something that isn't in a genre that I like, but is well done, in which case, I probably wouldn't keep it... well... but then again, if it's well done, I'd probably keep it even if it WASN'T in my genre. So yeah, that's MY personal new rule...

That being said, I wouldn't keep this on my hard drive.

Ok, so this is the short version and reworked version of my original statements. After hearing it in better speakers, and hearing the story behind the mix, I will say:


But only for the following reasons:

Choice of instruments to be paired against each other in unison really grates on my ears. Also, the drum loop. It's a standard Reason drumloop. It was used for the whole song (except when it wasn't and then nothing was used in its place). I personally make my own beats. No one else has to, but I do. Every once in a while, I'll throw in a sample (haven't yet) drum loop that everyone recognizes just for funky purposes, but 99% of the time, I make my own. Just my standard.


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Going into listening to the mp3 with no prior knowledge of it, I really

enjoyed it and would say YES right out.

but then came:

SixtyeightO3O: what's wrong with the drumloop?

Cool Disco Dan: it's a basic reason drumloop

Oh. So now what do I do? It's a nice loop.. but it's a prepackaged

mass produced thing? So much blood for such a tiny little hole.

Do we look down on the presets in Fruity Loops because they are

presets, or because they are overused and don't sound that good?

I'm very torn. The way I hear it, it sounds good, it's a nice arrangement,

and it has some nice stuff going on in it. Presets and included loops are

there because they sound good usually.. so until it jumps out at me as

"Oh come on... not again" I'm gonna say this one can go.

On the subject of it being 'too simple', I'll use the same argument as I

did on the other remix of this theme. It's simple, but it doesn't sound

empty. Far simpler, emptier things have been posted in the past, and I'm

glad to hear some simple stuff that doesn't bore me to tears getting produced.


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Well, I'm torn. Serously. On one hand, I don't think using prefabricated loops is a very good idea. On the other hand, it's just one element of the mix, and the rest of it sounds pretty good. This isn't necessarily a MIDI rip, and I think it's varied enough in other aspects that it's not just a case of slapping a better soundfont on it.

YES, but barely. Next time make your own drum loops.

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