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Sonic 3 - Brainfreeze

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I'm feeling it, man. Only thing I would really say is to add some more into, it sounds bare as is. And the snare sounds really weak/not fitting for the song, IMO. Yeah, other than that it just sounds bare. Add some atmosphere and/or synth strings maybe? Maybe let the kicks last longer, they seemed to fill in some gaps. Keep working on it, I'd like to hear some more, homes.

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hehe using FL eh, I recognize some of em default sounds >_<. Good job improvising with em. I could learn some things about drum beats from you ;).

But I have to agree with the other guy, it does feel a little baren at the start...one could probably hear tumbleweed if you inserted a said sample of it in there. Gotta add more stuff and I loathe to say: it needs more MEAT, otherwise Liontamer will have a seisure over not having enough beef. Though it does make one question his sexuality...just kidding Larry...don't shoot/ban me T_T

Anyways, awesome start with the song, keep it up homeslice!!

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Version 2.0

I changed the snare sample but forgot to fiddle with the velocity of the drums more, so those sections with the "Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da" in a row feel mechanical still.

Drumbeats are basically the same.

Pads and strings added to flesh it out more, as well as an arpeggiated overdriven synth to add some flavor. Please feedback me some el feedbacko.

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