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Really? Let me know if you find them. I just dug up a copy of the TF IV soundtrack, and it's just too darn good to go remixless. Lots of great interpretations on the theme of aviation.

There are some nicely chill, downtempo tracks that are very slap bass/groove driven. Stuff like "The Sky Line", and "Space Walk" could probably make an amazing jazz track. I've also heard the synth metal route elaborated successfully in SSH's incredible mix of the ending theme "Stand Up Against Myself". The soundtrack goes through ideas rapidly and is very motif-driven; lots of short tracks a minute or so long. It reminds me of the Contra soundtrack, actually.

There are some more aggressive, synth-metal sounding tracks on here that might make some good darkwave or trance tracks.

Maybe the reason this series garners no attention is because it was primarily popular in Japan, and the producing company, Technosoft, is now defunct? Which is a shame, since Technosoft generally seemed to put a lot of attention into making interesting music for all of their games.

Maybe people would be more familiar with one of Technosoft's other games, Herzog Zwei?

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