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*NO* Beatmania 2DX 'Brains Rot Your Videogames'

Antonio Pizza

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I submitted a remix entitled "Brains Rot Your Videogames" from the


Beatmania IIDX about a two months ago or so. I don't know if it


through the cracks or not, but it was hosted at VGMix, and since VGMix


now down, I'd thought I'd give you an alternate link.

You might have to copy and paste the link.


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Well I'm a Beatmania fan myself, I play that while my mates play DDR.

Anyway, this mix seems empty, it could have done with a bassline, or just something more. Although beatmania's music can be a little repetitive at times, this mix could have been more of a remix, if you know what I mean.

In conclusion, this mix just needs to be more. NO

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