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OCR00865 - *YES* Super Mario Bros. 3 'aquacadence' *FT*

Antonio Pizza

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cyanic14 (6:49:33 PM): hey I just noticed you updated the 'currently in judging process' thread. Yet there's still no sign of my SMB3-Aquacadence. It's been almost 8 weeks, have any advice?

AntonioPizza527 (6:50:00 PM): linkage please.

AntonioPizza527 (6:50:12 PM): wait aminute...

AntonioPizza527 (6:50:22 PM): that name is very familiar.

AntonioPizza527 (6:50:27 PM): was it on vgmix.com?

cyanic14 (6:50:55 PM): yea it was.. the one I submitted was slightly different though

AntonioPizza527 (6:51:14 PM): that might be why the name looks familiar.

cyanic14 (6:52:54 PM): mp3 linkage (if thats what you meant):

AntonioPizza527 (7:00:46 PM): hmm... i'll get it up there for review.

cyanic14 (7:01:08 PM): thanks

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analoq? hey this guy's good, he did a mix for the IronMix challenge and i thought it was excellent. but that's beside the point, although this is also very good. i'm having a bit of trouble picking out the original in it, it's very subtle but it is there.

great mix, wonderful variation on an old theme. i hated this tune in the game, this made it listenable.

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