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How do I convert a Quicktime movie (.mov) to wmv?

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Hi. My dad have this camera (not film camera) Which can take bad sound quali, movies. But... The movies are in .mov format and I can't watch it through windows media player. That is one thing. But another thing is that I also can't import it in Movie Maker, and that is my real problem. Any ideas?

-Little T (I know... I have more than one alias, and I switch between them as it suits me:<)

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it involves sacrificing a baby.

Wait... Now we need a reason to do that? When did this happen?

But as for the converter, If you don't mind paying for one, this is definitely the one to get:


Rather pricy, but from from what I, personally, have seen, this is definitely one of the best converters around, making some of the clearest conversions I've ever seen.

For freeware, I honestly don't have a clue... You are looking for something that can convert video into a quality that is worth seeing, but from what I've come across, anything worth using is only a trial version, limited either by how many days you may use it, or by how long the video will be converted... as well, anything that is truly free, without any limitation on days, payment, or video segment, are usually of such bad quality that you wouldn't want to use it (IOW, converting clean videos into either foggy messes). So I can't help you there.

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There's something called "bink" which can supposedly convert any video format into any other video format provided you have both codecs installed on your computer. I.e., in order to make a .mov a .wmv you need both a quicktime codec and a wmv codec installed. This is what I've heard, anyway.


I've never managed to use it successfully myself, but give it a shot.

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